Message By Sampson David

Dear Friends,
For quite some time i have been thinking deeply of those people who some how left their homes -may be due to depression, illness, amnesia, tension, family in fights or some unknown reasons. Several of such cases have been found on roadside or other places with dirt on them sans basic minimum needs. They can't speak, express or react . Through the movement of Ghar Wapsi (Back to Home) we are planning to find such cases and click their photos along with place of their usual location and put them on social media such as Whatsapp, Facebook ,YouTube, website etc. and by uploading their pictures we may help in finding them by their relatives. For this purpose, presently a link has been provided under Ghar Wapsi on my personal website www.sampsondavidyouth. com/Ghar Wapsi. Soon an independent website under name of Ghar will be launched with a substantial database. Ghar Wapsi believes that by extending a wide publicity including thru social media, we may help some lost ones to restore them back to their families. For this noble Movement, i want your cooperation & suggestions to make this unique mission a huge success. Further, your kind help is also required to disseminate this mission amongst your Staff & Students so that we all work together for this cause unitedly &put smiles on many faces. We plan to associate with various partners to make this movement a grand success including Schools, Colleges, Universities, NSS, NYKS, Offices, NGOs, Communities, Police ,Hospitals etc.

Your Friend,Sampson David
Hony. Advisor

Message By Dr. Ranjeeta Chatterjee

'Let us make this GHAR WAPSI an ALL INDIA MOVEMENT and give back the HOME to the unfortunate ones who might have lost in this BIG WORLD.

Dr. Ranjeeta Chatterjee.
Asst. Professor in Zoology
Chairman of Cultural Committee & Programme Officer of NSS
Prof. Ramkrishna More College Akurdi, Pune.
Asst. Advisor,Ghar Wapsi
Res: F-603, Empire Estate Chinchwad, Pune.

Dr Devendra Pathak, VC K N Modi University, Rajasthan

Mission 'Ghar Wapsi' , a very noble and extremely humanitarian Endeavour initiated up by Mr. David touches the inner consciousness of any person whosoever happens to know about it or be associated with it. It exhorts the depth of feelings, pangs of desperation and fertility of emotions to imagine a situation when one's near and dear ones are separated for any reason. The plights of those who left, forced to leave to tread on unchartered path and went into oblivion deserve utmost sympathy. We owe a duty and a moral obligation to resurrect them and it calls for a genuine empathy to be a good samaritan. I am sure the lesser travelled road that Mr. David has chosen for himself will have hundreds and thousands of followers ever ready to extend their helping hand and 'log miltey jayenge aur karvan badhata jayega'. May God give you enough strength to beam the flashes of smiles on all the " bhule, bisre" by reuniting them with their dear ones to prove 'subah ka bichhura SAM ko ghar aaya'. With all my best wishes
Dr Devendra Pathak

Hon'ble VC Dr Onkar Singh of Madan Mohan Malaviya Univ of Technology,Gorakhpur is much impressed with Ghar Wapsi Mission.... He is a renowned Academic of India... we welcome him in GW Mission.....

Message from Prof Kailash Sodani, VC M D S Univ. AJMER

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